June 2014

Our community has just celebrated our 104th Festa do Espírito Santo in grand manner and joy.  I want to extend a big thank you to Festa Presidents Dinisa and Donald Valadao for managing a very successful Festa celebration.  There are countless other key people who need to be recognized for their tireless contribution.  In particular, the entire Festa Coordinating Committee, chaired by Gorete Correia, and assisted by co- chair Andrea Calabrese.  The rest of the committee as well as the Bazaar Committee consisted of the following people:

Evelyn Feliciano

Joe Silva

Barbara Hosaka

Gerald Hosaka

Ryan Da Rosa

Matt Madruga

Manuel Leal

Tommy Madruga

Geri Lauriano

Natalie A. Virissimo

Yvonne Siragusa

Rita Carvalho

Gabe Leal

Zita Lira

Lucille Machado

Lenora Souza

Carlos Pereira

Barbara Vargas

Suzette Simoes

Mel Vargas

Since my last President’s message, there have been some significant events leading up to Festa and beyond.  First there was the BBQ fundraiser, on April 12th, chaired by Raymond Simas and Maria Schaniel.  It was a very festive event that included a children’s petting zoo and was well attended while providing substantial revenue towards the 2014 Festa.

On May 8th, our Filarmonica de San Diego hosted Filarmonica Liberdade Lajense from Pico, Açores.  The band members and their family were accommodated by several member of our community.  The last time a band from the Açores visited here in San Diego was in 2009.  The band performed during a well attended dinner provided by members of our Filarmonica committee.

The next event, May 18th, was the showing of portions of Portuguese in California, a bilingual TV series that captures the full essence of the Portuguese contribution to the California of today.  The event was presented by Nelson Ponta-Garca as part of his travels throughout California and made possible through the extraordinary efforts of our own Evelyn Feliciano and Idalmiro da Rosa.  Again, the event was well attended and made a lasting impression on Mr. Garca.

The Fish Fry, Festa fundraiser, on May 30th, ended the month of May with a big bang.  Fish Fry Committee Chairperson Evelyn Feliciano directed and managed a very successful event that may have exceeded all other Fish Fry’s in revenue raised for Festa and consequently the Hall.  It again was held in a large tent which nearly took up the entire parking lot.  This may well be the norm for the future since the large hall has become too small to accommodate the large crowd that has become commonplace each year.

Our annual Festa itself, as mentioned above, was a smashing success with little if any glitches.  Considering the size of the event, it was an exemplary undertaking considering its size.

What is coming are more things to take note of and plan for seeing and doing.  The Hall will soon be embarking on installing a solar system that will greatly save on our energy expense.  Approximately sixty (60) solar panels will be placed on the roof of the Hall and will have little visibility from the ground.  The savings will be hundreds of thousands dollars over the years and will allow the Hall to be properly maintained and improved in order to continue to provide even more services well into the future.  Completion of the project is expected in early Fall of this year.

The UPSES will once again have the annual picnic which is open to Board and committee members of affiliated organizations and clubs as well as all of the workers that give their time to help the Hall in its mission for upholding our Portuguese traditions.  The picnic is set for July 13th at the roundabout on Shelter Island.  Please mark your calendars.

Festa fundraising events for 2015 Festa will begin with the Golf Tournament and dinner on Friday, October 3rd.  So, continue to see our Calendar of Events on the upses.com website for event details and times.

The week following Festa do Espírito Santo is the week of Trinity Sunday culminating in Domingo da Trindade another revered Portuguese tradition celebrated with a procession from St Agnes Church to the Hall.  The sopas luncheon following the procession was capped with a Hall filled to capacity and a festive atmosphere.

The annual soccer tournament is planned for August 16th & 17th.  It will be a must see fun event.  Check the Sports Committee website https://sites.google.com/site/upsessoccer/ for details.

Although more events will arise in the coming months, the final event of the year will be the New Year’s Eve party which again will be hosted by the UPSES Hall.  Last year’s event was a great success and this year’s will be even better.  More details will follow.

It has been a pleasure serving as President of United Portuguese S.E.S. Inc. and I look forward to the rest of the year as I hope you will.

Carl Silva